Le Nozze di Figaro

Teresa Berganza got to perfection with this rol, that gave her so many successes in theatres worldwide. She sang under the direction Giuliani, Abbada, Metha or Karajan, all the masters wanted her by their side.

She sang for Cherubino for the first time in 1957, directed by Rosbaud at Deauvill and for the last time in april 1980 directed by Dohnányi and Strehler at the Paris Opera. Later on, she continued keeping the two arias of the character, “Voi che sapete” and “Non so più” at her recitals.

Although she got as high as an artist can dream, at the Salzburg Festival in 1972 directed by Karajan and Ponelle, Teresa will never forget her part as Cherubino at Aix-en-Provence, where the team work and the lovely advices from Hans Rosbaud allowed her to acquire the esencial for a lyrical singer´s career.

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